Skincare Products

Gain the rejuvenated and healthful look you desire. We carry a full-line of spa products to suit all skincare needs for each and everyone of our clients.

Spa Products Portsmouth

Interactive Range

The Interactive range of products can “interact”, or be used in conjunction with, any of the other Environ® product ranges. The function of the Interactive range is to prepare the skin for the application of the important active products, or to boost their effects.

Ionzyme Range

Ionzyme range enriches the skin with an exciting combination of powerful antioxidants and vitamins, thereby introducing a new dimension to advanced skin care. This improved range is the most luxurious Environ® home treatment available. It will help speed up the restoration of the skin cells resulting in a more youthful and healthy complexion.

B Active Range

B active range is specifically intended for problem skin. Each product contains Australian tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties to help control bacteria and inflammation and most contain salicylic acid for its mild exfoliant properties.

Sun Care Range

Environ®s Sun Care Range contains rich doses of free-radical scavengers and Antioxidants to combat the effects of the sun & pollution on your skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Range

The Alpha-Hydroxy range is based on gentle, non-toxic Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that assist in softening and smoothing the skin. The range also assists the natural exfoliating function, leading to a smoother skin with greater resilience and finer texture, whilst replenishing the skin’s natural acidity. Skin becomes accustomed to AHAs by gradually adapting from milder to higher concentrations.

Men’s Line

Today’s modern lifestyle takes its toll on your skin, contributing to early visible signs of ageing. Environ®, Internationally renowned for their scientific developments in Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy provides the solution with a high performance range of products formulated exclusively for men.