Spray Tanning Service

Spray Tanning ServiceDuDa Spa is proud to introduce the first ALL NATURAL spray tanning service to New Hampshire! It’s a premium sunless tanning experience; you get the perfect tan in five minutes.

Single application – $45
Series of three – $125
Series of five – $200

*Spray Tanning Series are valid for 180 days from the date of purchase and are for use by one client exclusively, not to be shared.


Spray Tanning Benefits

  • DuDa Spa’s spray tanning service applies different levels of color to work with your skin tone to achieve a natural looking tan
  • Perfect for weddings or any special occasion
  • SunFX will not stain most materials and is easily washed out of clothes and sheets
  • Color will last 7-10 days and fade with the natural exfoliation of your skin
  • Ingredients include water, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), non-toxic bronzer coloring


What To Do

  • SCRUB! Exfoliate before you get a SunFX tan for the best results!
  • SHAVE IT! Shave or wax the day before for an ideal application.
  • OUTFIT CHECK! White clothes makes your tan pop, but not right after you get your SunFX! Wear dark clothing after you tan. It doesn’t stain but it can rub onto fabric.
  • MOISTURIZE AFTER! Moisturize after each shower to keep your skin hydrated and keep up your sexy tan.
  • PAT DRY!Pat dry your skin after washing or swimming it helps your skin & your tan. Avoid rubbing dry.


What Not To Do

  • LOTIONS – Don’t use moisturizers before tanning.
  • TOUCHING – It will be hard right afterwards but keep your hands off your sexy tan. You don’t want your palms to get tan too.
  • SHOWERING – Shower after 4 – 6 hours, but the longer you wait the better.
  • SWEATING -Don’t exercise or avoid sweating until your first shower.
  • EXFOLIATING – Don’t exfoliate after your tan.
  • PREGNANCY – Avoid tanning during pregnancy.


SunFX SPRAY TANNING Great alternative to harmful UV rays. This is the first ALL NATURAL spray tanning service solution is free from alcohol, artificial preservatives and perfumes.


CANCELLATION POLICY – We have reserved staff and space just for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If less than a 24-hour notice is given for cancellation, 100% of the service will be charged for same day or a no show.