Waxing Tips

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We want to ensure you have the best waxing experience with us at The DuDa Spa! If it is your first time getting waxed, or the first time coming into our spa, please read through the following tips to prepare yourself for the experience!

* We have soft and hard wax available. If you have a specific request please mention it when you book in your service.

Waxing Do’s

  • Exfoliate the night before a waxing
  • Take Asprin or Tylenol 30-45 minutes before your appointment
  • Wear your highest cut bathing suit for a bikini wax
  • Exfoliate two days after a waxing using a mild exfoliator
  • Keep up hair removal throughout the winter to avoid “starting over” every summer
  • Fight ingrown hairs by using a product called Tend Skin (available through the Wax Specialists)
  • Avoid the sun, saunas, steam rooms, and tanning booths for as long as any redness is present after waxing
  • Avoid wearing pantyhose or tight clothes after a bikini wax

 Waxing Don’ts

  • Do not shave for 10-14 days before your scheduled appointment
  • Do not drink alcohol the night before waxing
  • Do not use body lotion or oil the day of your appointment
  • Do not wax and shave the same area


Any additional questions can be asked in person with your esthetician or feel free to call the spa

(603) 430-9800